About the book

Exploring Cambridge is the story of a young boy, Harry Bird touring Cambridge with his Mum, Dad, Gran and sausage dog, Cumberland.

There are lots of exciting places to visit but which is the best way to explore? Punt, bicycle or open-top bus? Each member of Harry’s family has a different idea.

A bike!” says Dad. ″That is the ONLY way to explore Cambridge. The city is almost flat so it’s perfect for cycling. Look! There are bikes everywhere! Here is a special map that shows where the cycle paths are. Are there any bikes without baskets though?”

 They whizz around the city across parks and pieces and end up swimming in one of the longest outdoor pools in Europe.

Mum craves a bit of peace and tranquillity. She suggests a punt ride with strawberries and cream. They slowly meander along The Backs admiring the architecture and listening to their chauffeur telling funny stories of student pranks.Harry on the open-top bus

Harry and Gran decide to ride an open-top bus. They hop on and off all day, discovering the secrets of Cambridge. They visit museums, colleges, the Botanical Gardens and curious features such as the Corpus Clock.

Exploring Cambridge is more than a story; it’s an invitation to get involved. Children can follow Harry’s tour with their families, expanding their knowledge of the city. Each page poses a question, fact and challenge: ‘At the Great Gate to Trinity College is a statue of its founder, King Henry VIII. What unusual object is he holding in his right hand?’ Can children climb the highest hill in Cambridge? Can they find the tree taking from a cutting from Isaac Newton’s famous apple tree?

So grab the book, pack and picnic and go exploring!